Wall of Instragram photos. Genius!

Wall of Instragram photos. Genius! How many of us are addicted to Instagram? How any photos you have? If you’re anything like me you are constantly taking photos of just about everything and anything you possibly can. Why not create this amazing wall art using your Instagram photos?

Depending upon how many photos you have, the hardest part of this project is simply deciding which photos to use for your wall art! You may even want to consider doing this for a few rooms and using photos of a certain theme. Perhaps in a bathroom you could use photos of water, and in a bedroom why not use photos of flowers. Of course, I’m not telling you what to do of just giving you ideas!

You will want photo editing software to create your wall of Instagram photos. Photo editing software will allow you to print the photos exactly to the size of photo frame you will be using. Simply select your photos, print them, and insert them in a photo frame. Once you have completed all of the tasks then you can hang your photo frames on your wall creating a collage of some of your favorite photos that you personally took.

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